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We create harmony between people and their wildlife neighbors using effective humane control techniques

At Wildlife and Pest Strategies LLC we are dedicated to an innovative, multifaceted approach to your wildlife and pest issues. Wild animals and insect pests are individuals. As such they do not always conform to a cookie cutter approach to dealing with them. We have the experience and innovative mindset to deal with the vast array of situations and circumstances that present themselves on a daily basis. We respect all the animals we deal with from the regal Canada Goose to the lowly roach. We are committed to employing the most humane practices possible in any given circumstance.

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Raymond "Doug" Humphrey, Owner

What do our customers say?

"Doug did a great job, gave us free quote and good advise on bat control and prevention. We highly recommend him! He's very professional and courteous!"

Mitzchka O.
September, 2105

"Prompt response and excellent customer service."

David O.
July, 2015

"Ray is very professional and helpful. I highly recommend this company."

Jacquelyn F.
June, 2015

"Raymond (Doug) is very professional, courteous, thorough and customer service is excellent! I have a 16 month old and we has a critter in my fireplace the Sunday after the 4th of July.  Long story short, I live in a condo complex which takes care of critters in the fireplace in my contract. However, Doug not only came out for a 1 hour drive on that Sunday, but gave me excellent advice about what I should know to ask, hear and expect when the animal was located and removed. I would definitely call him again. Excellent service and knowledgeable!"

Timothy C.
July, 2015